Do you know you can eat sea moss and change your life? Are you aware of how sea moss can be beneficial for you? Probably not! Studies have revealed that sea moss has multiple benefits for our mind and body.

Sea moss benefits are not limited only to the body but your mind as well. From weight loss to fresh skin, sea moss has got it all covered.

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Besides this, sea moss is being used in medicines to cure disease and has been proven to be effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Interesting right? But how can we use sea moss at our homes to gain benefits and what does it do? Keep reading to know-how! 😉

Before heading to the uses of sea moss one must be aware of what it actually is? Therefore, we’ve answered this question for you!

What is sea moss?

Sea moss, also known as Irish moss or red algae, grows in the oceans and works wonders for us humans. This is because it is full of protein, magnesium, calcium and lots of fiber.

Scientifically known as Chondrus Crispus, this Irish moss holds magical anti-inflammatory properties. Sea moss grows on rocks in the ocean up to 5-7 inches and is packed with minerals.

Sea moss has been used as an additive in food for ages. People have enjoyed the wide range of positive effects it has on the mind and body and it is back in the health trends of 2020.

People from all over the world are using it in their food and praising the positive results. But, before heading towards the ways you can eat it you should know why! Do you want to know what benefits does sea moss have? Here they are!

Top 13 health benefits of sea moss which will change your life

  1. Helps in Anemia

Anemia is a condition in which there is a deficiency of red blood cells or reduced hemoglobin leading to less oxygen than required. Consequently causing yellowish dullness of skin and weakness.

Anemia may also be caused due to deficiency of iron known as iron deficiency anemia which reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Sea moss, being rich in nutrients such as iron, helps to fight against iron deficiency anemia and keeps you fit and healthy.

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  1. Boosts up energy levels

The iron in the sea moss as stated earlier improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Resultantly, when more oxygen reaches the cells of the body they stay full of energy.

Besides this, Irish Sea moss is full of Vitamin B including B2 and B9 also known as riboflavin and folate respectively.

These vitamins are needed to breakdown fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. Additionally, folate and B12 also assist in the production of blood cells providing more energy.

  1. Helpful in thyroid issues

Sea moss is rich with iodine which makes it an ideal addition in food for the treatment of thyroid issues.

The seaweed in brown color is full of iodine components making it effective in treating thyroid-related problems.

Besides treatment, the selenium component in the sea moss helps in the production of thyroid hormone.

All in all, it improves the function of this gland resultantly assisting in weight loss.

  1. Facilitates breathing and reduces respiratory issues

Sea moss has magical relieving properties and helps in flu, cold and chest congestion. So, add it in your soups and enjoy its benefits.

The components in it absorb excess mucus and relieve coughing. Hence, enjoy your seasonal change and stop worrying about flu, fever, sore throat.

Say goodbye to having a chance of getting pneumonia or TB by adding this simple ingredient to your diet.

  1. Improves recovery

The recovery process is the most annoying for every patient. Slow recovery can often make people lose their will power and energy to keep striving for better health. To help people in distress! Sea moss is here to save the day!

The health benefits of sea moss are not limited to relieving symptoms of flu. This seaweed also aids in the recovery process of multiple illnesses.

The healing properties of sea moss are ideal for patients who have undergone surgeries or have stayed ill for long periods.

This is what makes Irish sea moss unique, doesn’t it? Wondering what more it can do? Yes, there’s more!

  1. Makes your immune system strong

Immunity is our body’s defense system against diseases. We are exposed to millions of pathogens in our daily life.

Our immune system is what acts as a protective shield against all these harmful little monsters and keeps us fit.

If the immune system is weak, the protective shield is broken and we get sick easily. You might have come across people who get sick too often. That is because their immune system is not as strong as it should be.

One of the reasons sea moss is loved all over the globe is because it acts as a shield to infectious diseases.

Having strong antiviral and antimicrobial characteristics it fights against disease and keeps you fit and healthy. Also, vitamin C and amino acids boost your immune system. All these benefits in slimy seaweed? Hmmm!!

  1. Promotes fertility

As mentioned above Irish Sea moss helps to restore the proper function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for maintaining the hormone balance in the body.

Any disturbance in this balance leads to problems in body functions controlled by hormones especially fertility in women. Hormonal problems, all over the world, are one of the leading factors causing infertility in women.

Sea moss provides iodine and selenium and reduces thyroid disorders.

This means the hormone balance stays in check. This property of sea moss protects women from fertility disorders and makes it a must-have for women suffering from thyroid issues and hormonal imbalance.

  1. Works wonders for the skin

Good skin adds charm to one’s personality because it shows that the person is able to take care of themselves. In short, the skin is like a mirror to one’s inner health.

Fresh smooth skin shows that your body is functioning properly and dull skin shows that there is a problem.

No one likes dull and flaky skin. Besides, there are a lot of skin conditions that cause problems for people and make them lose confidence.

Sea moss is loaded with vitamins and its texture is jelly-like. It acts as a soothing material over irritated skin.

Studies have revealed that sea moss may be a strong anti-aging material as it improves cell growth and promotes collagen production.

Besides giving your skin a healthy glow it has proven to be effective in many skin conditions like eczema, sunburns and skin inflammation. Get your skin glowing by sea moss this instant!

  1. Fastens metabolism and helps in digestion

Metabolism is the body’s way of storing and providing energy. A faster metabolism means the body’s enhanced ability to break down food and supply energy.

Sea moss has unique properties which fasten the metabolism of the body. This keeps you fit and energetic and prevents the storage of fat.

The mucus-like texture of sea moss soothes the internal lining of your digestive system. It gets rid of harmful bacteria in your gut and improves the digestive process.

  1. Sheds pounds!

Fast metabolism in return leads to shedding excess weight. The iodine in it plays an important role.

Sea moss creates the feeling of a full stomach by absorbing moisture and increasing the bulk of the food you’re eating. It helps to release toxins stored in the body and flushes them out.

  1. Protects from radiations

Are you aware of radiation poisoning? Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy may suffer from it. The toxins produced due to radiations are absorbed by the Sea moss and expelled from the body.

It also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

  1. Nutritious!

Out of 100 above important nutrients that our body requires for healthy functioning almost 90 percent are present in sea moss. Vitamins, proteins, and minerals you name it! Sea moss has got it all.

  1. Good for the mind

Potassium is important for the proper maintenance of the mental and emotional wellbeing of a human. On the contrary, its deficiency causes anxiety issues, irritation, and depression.

Potassium is not produced inside our bodies. Therefore, we need it from outside sources. Irish Sea moss being rich in potassium is an ideal component in the diet to avoid anxiety and depression.

Not only depression but also mood enhancing is something sea moss excels at.

How to use sea moss?

Now that you’re convinced that sea moss is beneficial for you, do you want to know how to use it? Here are different ways you can use sea moss in your diet. Use them and see the results yourself. You’ll love the transformation sea moss brings.

Before you use sea moss in your food you need to prepare it. To help you with it, here are some simple ways to prepare sea moss for utilization and storage:

Sea moss preparation – A simple guide

  1. Wash properly with water to get rid of any impurity or dirt
  2. In a blender add 6 oz of Irish Sea moss with 32 oz of water for almost 3-4 minutes or until it gets a smooth consistency
  3. Add cinnamon if you want, and a half to one teaspoon of ginger paste
  4. This gel can be stored for up to 8-12 days in the fridge

Use of sea moss:

Once you have your sea moss prepared according to the method given above, you can use it in your meals to enjoy all its pros. It can be used in drinks, smoothie, ice-cream, desserts, as a dressing, in sauces and as a thickening ingredient in dishes.

  • Sea moss drink

Sea moss drink with strawberryYou can enjoy sea moss in your drinks and smoothies. All you have to do is add them in your favorite smoothie recipe and take a sip.

Add some milk, a banana or two, some sea moss gel, ice, honey, and vanilla extract to create a perfect blend to give a treat to your taste buds and health to your body.

Wondering what sea moss drink is good for? Sea moss drink is the best when the flu season arrives. Most importantly, it also works best as an immunity booster.

During chest infections and chronic coughing, this drink acts as a cough syrup soothing the irritated throat and absorbing extra mucus.

Additionally, the antiviral and antibacterial effect is what makes the moss drink best of all.

  • Sea moss gel

Sea moss is not only beneficial when eaten but also when applied on the skin. Additionally, seaweed gel for hair has been the best remedy for women to promote healthy hair growth.

It is full of cell rejuvenating components and helps to repair broken and inflamed skin and strengthens the strands of hair.

The nutrient-rich sea moss gel is just what you require. You can apply it directly over your skin or use it as an ingredient in skin and hair masks. As a result, you’ll see a noticeable difference. Try it and see the difference yourself!

  • Sea moss powder

Sea moss powder is another way you can enjoy the benefits of this Irish Seaweed. It acts as a thickening agent or emulsifier in your dishes.

Hence, you can add this powder in soups, in stews in ice creams and enjoy all the nutrition and minerals it has to offer.

Worried about how sea moss tastes? Don’t! It has very little to no flavor and chances are you won’t even notice it in your dish and still get the advantages.

Final note:

We hope this article answers all your queries. Especially the most frequently asked question “What are the benefits of eating sea moss?” whenever mucilaginous seaweed comes into mind. Though it sounds weird, the benefits of sea moss surpass its weirdness. So, is Irish moss good for you? Yes! It is!

Some people do raise concerns about the processed form of this seaweed to be unhealthy. However, using it is completely safe and beneficial if you use it the way we have mentioned above in the article.

Use sea moss in your diet and change your life! Don’t forget to share this informative article with your friends. Also, never hesitate to give your feedback! Best of luck! Happy sea mossing 😉