Best exercise for women at home is an essential topic for those ladies who can’t go out of their home. Health is more important than anything in life. Healthy women make a healthy family. These best exercises can be done at home with equipment and without equipment too. It is so easy for women to get fit and slim, smart above all healthy body. Spend almost half an hour with routine workout. Before to go forward let’s do an activity 😀

  • Put your right hand on your right shoulder.
  • Now put the other on the left shoulder.
  • Now spread your hands one by one by aside.

WoW you have done. That’s great Okay here we go for some other activities and here is the list of some best exercises:

Exercise no 1: Body-weight Squat Regular exercise

Daily exercise for woman at home

Body-weight squats are simple and easy to do; that’s why ladies can do it without any hesitation.
Just spread your legs. Spread your arms in front of your face and then fold them. Your arms should in front of your shoulders. Back should be straight. Now bend your knees. Bend enough that your hips and knees should be parallel. Weight on heels and balance your weight till 20 to 30 sec and I’m again telling you that balance your weight because if you distort balance, you can get injured.

Now come back in stand position and repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times. This everyday workout makes your muscles active and your body healthy.

Exercise no 2: Incline Push-Ups, the best exercise for women

best exercises for woman at home

Incline push-ups, just like simple push-ups with low effort, are best for muscle activation. This regular exercise also helps you to tighten your muscles. Also, this is a simple and best exercise for women at home for a healthy life.

Come in push-up position, but place your hands on a raised position like a bench, table, or stairs instead of the floor. Your body should be straight from ankles to head. Take your body downward till the shoulder comes equal to the elbow, pause and now push yourself back in starting position as quickly as possible. You can do it with the wall.

Repeat it 8 to 10 times. After the work of 1 week, you will see the outcome of incline push-ups. So,

Exercise no 3: Glute Bridge

Glute bridge is also an easy exercise. Just lay down and bend your knees. Spread your arms on the floor. Now push your body upward from hips and make a shape like a slide. Stay 20 to 30 sec in this position. And come back in starting position.

This makes your abs strong. Sitting 4 to 5 hours continuously in the same place you can get pain in your back. You can get relief from it. It also strengthens your hips and lower back that is really helpful for those who work.

Repeat it almost 8 to 10 times

To know more about glute bridge visit another article Benefits of Glute Bridge.

Best exercise for woman at home

Exercise no 4: Side Plank is also the best exercise for women

daily exercise for women at home

In the side plank, you also need to balance your weight otherwise you can get injured. Lay on your right side with straight knees and now put your left hand on the left side. Push your hips upward with the help of arm. Make sure to keep your arm strong and hips should be up enough that the body makes a straight line. Stay 30 sec in this position and come back to the starting position.

If you include this best workout for women in your daily routine, you will see the result on core muscles. Now roll over the other side and do the same exercise and repeat it 8 to 10 times over both sides.

So, these are some best exercise for women at home for fitness that every woman can do easily at home without any equipment. So try these for a healthy body. If you are looking for a challenge to fit yourself then visit a 30-day plan challenge and go for it. If you like our articles. Please do not forget to subscribe to our blog and also share in your connection.