Due to unhealthy foods and busy schedules, everyone faces overweight problems. Many of them trying to weight loss but unsuccess. It’s due to limited knowledge or useless techniques. So, we decided to share some useful tips and techniques with you. There are many techniques are used to lose weight like diet, time fasting and weight loss exercise one of them. The only exercise slowly reduces your weight. For quick reduce add diet plan with exercise. It is more effective to reduce weight. Exercise helps to burn fats in your body. In this article, I will discuss, The ultimate guide for weight loss exercise. Before discussing exercises, you just know some basic things that will very helpful for weight loss.

The basic rule before going for weight loss exercise

  • Choice right diet

Diet is more important than workout so, manage your food accordingly. To find the best food for weight loss. Please go through our article “fruits for weight loss”. And also fruits for weight loss.

  • Routine Exercise

To see the results, put exercise in your routine and be punctual. Make a time table for exercise and follow the time table. Rest is also important so; you have to do rest a day in a week.

  • Push yourself for the workout

Motivate your self for every exercise and be confident.

  • Enjoy the workout

When you Enjoy the workout, it will help you to more stick to exercise.

Keep in mind “eat well, sleep well, exercise well”. There are some exercises which are very helpful for weight loss or to burn the fats. These exercises are good for burning more fat in a short time. These exercises are very common but you have to do in routine then they will effective for weight loss.

Top five weight loss exercise

  • Skipping/Jumping Rope

Actually, this little rope has a huge tendency to burn fat. If you jump 120 skips per minute it will help you to burn 650 to 980 calories per hour. for more fat burn you have to jump more you can. Skipping rope is very common in every market or you also order it online.

 jumping rope is  best weight loss exercise
  • Running

Running is best for weight loss. Go to any park and start running or you can use running machines. Hill running is more effective for weight loss. You have to run at the same speed. If you run 10 minutes per miles 560 to 830 calories burned

  • Cycling

The ridding cycle with a low-intensity small number of calories will burn. To burn more fat, you have to run your cycle with high intensity. In a normal intensity, you will burn 560 to 840 calories per hour. Hill cycling is very good for weight loss. If you ridding on hills with high intensity then a huge number of calories will burn.

  • Martial Art

Every martial arts style will help you reduce weight (kickboxing, wushu, boxing, taekwondo, Karata). You have to hire a martial arts trainer (or see videos on social media, YouTube) from one of these games and start your workout. Before s Do sparring for 90 seconds and take 30 seconds rest and repeat it for one hour. If you doing the workout with the high intensity you will get the reward of 580 to 860 calories to burn per hour.

  • Strength Training

You have to hire a trainer or join a gym for strength training. Strength training is very helpful to reduce weight. Also, strength training will give you a smart shape to your muscles. It is very important that you have to follow the instructions of your trainer. Your trainer will guide you about exercises and how much weight is required

  These are the best exercises for weight loss. Moreover, exercises give you a sound shape to your body. Only exercises will less effective, you have planned a proper diet for weight loss.

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