Do you want to build muscles? Strengthen your core? Lose that stubborn fat? Worry no more as this post is just what you need on your way to fitness! Follow the 30-day plank challenge for amazing results.

Planks are famous all over the world for their core transformation abilities. Holding a plank for long periods is considered a matter of pride for people that are on the journey to fitness.

Learn how to increase your stamina and hold planks for more time to reap maximum benefits. Everything is more exciting when it becomes a challenge. Doesn’t it?

What is the 30 Day Plank Challenge?

It is hard for beginners to hold a plank! The thirty-day plank challenge is a simple way to perform planks by slowly improving your stamina each day.

With the help of this challenge, you will be able to hold the plank position for a longer time. It is the best way to work up the muscles of your core, abdomen, upper, and lower back.

If you’re wondering whether you can lose weight just by planking, do not worry at all. Adding a little cardio to your regular plank will do the trick! Keep on reading to know how to! 😉

If you are new to the road to fitness and don’t know about plank, here is a simple way to perform one!

How to do a Plank – 5 Simple Steps that work:

Planking may seem hard but it is not. All it needs is consistency and effort. By following the given steps you will master planking like a pro in no time.

Follow these steps for the perfect plank:

  1. Lay down on the floor in a push-up position. Beginners can start with knees instead of feet
  2. Keep your hips in line with the rest of your body. Focus on getting all your strength from your core
  3. Keep your head straight and steady; NEVER try to cut edges by bending your head
  4. Try to stay at least 20 sec in the plank position at the start. Follow the schedule on a daily basis
  5. Get on your knees or get out of the plank position as soon as you feel the posture is going bad. Take some rest and try again to meet your goal for the day

According to Max Lowry, a famous personal trainer and the man behind “Two meal day” the perfect way to do a plank is:

“Shrink your abs as mighty as you can as if someone’s going to punch you in the stomach. Then move your abs down, push your elbows back, tilt your hips, and squeeze your glutes.”

Standard Plank Position

Now that you know how to do a plank lets head to the 30-day plank challenge schedule.

Plank Challenge Schedule: 

30-day plank challenge chart given below it has the simple baby steps for your plank challenge. You might think at some point “How many planks are required each day to see results?

Performing a plank 3-4 times a day is enough to see visible results in 30 days. Don’t forget to do planks daily to gain maximum benefit.

Just follow the steps mentioned above (Standard plank posture) for the amount of time given below (30-day plank challenge chart).

After one month, a positive and healthier result is guaranteed. You’ll be able to notice increased muscle endurance, control on balance and toned body.

30 Day Plank Challenge Chart (guide):

plank challenge 30 day chart30 Day Plank Challenge Chart


In order to achieve maximum results and to avoid any unwanted injury, you must do this exercise properly.

The main mistake you are prone to make, during this challenge, is sagging your head or shoulders or raising your hips to release some weight off your core.

This is the most common mistake you see people doing in the gym.

ALWAYS REMEMBER! These shortcuts are only going to provide momentary relief while ruining all your efforts.

So instead of doing these, just take a break and resonate this in your mind that “Rome was not built in a day”.

Similarly, you need to skip shortcuts, work hard, and be consistent to have maximum benefits from this exercise.


  • No equipment needed other than a mat (Preferably a thick one for your elbows and knees) and a clock to check the time
  • Ideal for busy people (It’s a simple workout, all you need is a mat)
  • Ideal for females (Losing fats after pregnancy (Read more about weight loss)
  • Requires no practical equipment
  • Develops your general endurance as well as stamina
  • It relieves back pain (Tested and proven)


  • If you are a diabetic patient or someone suffering from blood pressure problems, do consult your doctor before starting this challenge
  • Can cause injury if performed the wrong way
  • Continuous, Monotonous and steady exercises (like Plank Challenge) can be dull and boring

Use the following Plank variations to get more out of your challenge while experiencing bonus effects.

Variations to Standard Plank Posture (Burn Those Extra Pounds):

There are several variations that can be applied to a standard plank for maximum results. Each variation has a specific purpose.

As stated earlier, planks can be used to lose weight if performed with a twist of cardio.

The standard plank posture is for beginners. For pros, it becomes more effective if you take it to the next level by using plank variations.

Not only do these variations make planks more fun but they also enhance weight loss. Shed that flabby weight by using the following variations:

  1. Plank tucks
  2. Plank walk laterally
  3. Mountain climbing planks
  4. Plank jacks

30 day Plank Challenge Reviews:

Many people tried this challenge due to the worldwide fame it got and here’s what they have to say about this challenge on their fitness journey:

  • “Doing a month-long plank challenge gave me a new respect for fitness professionals. I got just a small glimpse into how much effort and time it takes to achieve and maintain core muscles like that”
  • “I do feel stronger and more stable in my day-to-day activities like hauling kids around or when I’m trying to bring multiple hampers full of laundry up and down the stairs”

And if you think this challenge is just for physical exercise, you must read this what this girl has to say:

  • “This challenge served as a good test of my perseverance and made me realize I’m more stubborn and determined than I thought. Every single night after the kids went to bed, no matter how tired I was, I forced myself to do something I knew I wasn’t going to excel at.
  • As an adult, it’s easy not to step outside my comfort zone but I’m glad I pushed myself.
  • It’s taught me that I don’t have to shy away from experiences and that I can try new things without the fear of failing — and if I do, so what? At least I can say I tried”.

Hence, the Plank challenge for 30 days is one of the perfect and amazing life fitness hacks.


The basic purpose of a 30-day plank challenge is to work up your core, strengthen your abs and other muscles, build up stamina, shape your body, and improve your look. You will feel completely transformed after a 30-day plank challenge. 

Well! What are you waiting for? Take out your mats and set the stopwatch! Start planning right away! Get toned up and don’t forget to share your success and achievement with your colleagues. Always keep this in mind: