Workout for beginners at home is the best way to stay fit with less effort. Health is the most important part of life. A physically and mentally fit person. Can become a successful person. Many beginners want to start the workout at home. Some want a shaped body and some want to stay physically fit. For this purpose, many of them join a gym or yoga center. Ladies want the same but they face some problems like women at home don’t want to go outside for exercise. Here is some workout for beginners at home especially for women

Walking Lunges

Workout for beginners at home female

Walking lunges is one of the best exercises for a beginner, you can do easily at home. This move only works for your glutes, hamstrings, and squads, giving you lovely gams and lifted the butt. Stand upright, feet together, step forward with balancing your weight by the right leg and try to sit down. In this way like your right knee should directly over the ankle and push the left knee down towards the floor but don’t touch the floor. Follow the same steps for the left leg and repeat these steps 10 to 15 times a day. Make sure that exercise should be part of daily routine and steps should follow perfectly. Otherwise, you will waste your time. You can also read our dash articles about fat losing fruits

Dumbbell rows

Dumbbell row is a simple exercise for newcomers at home which they can do easily at home. By this, you can lose back fat easily. You can use any heavy thing to lift. Like water jug or anything. It’s not difficult for newcomers. Ladies can do this exercise session anywhere at home.

For this exercise, you can use any chair, small table or bench, etc. Hold the jug or any heavy thing you want to use in the right hand. Start from a low weight thing because in start muscles will be soft and heavyweight can harm your muscles. Put left knee on the chair and hold the chair with the left hand. Now lift the weight up and down. Do these 10 to 15 times and then repeat it using the left hand.

So ladies, don’t forget to add this workout you can do it as a beginner at home.

Plank workout for beginners at home female

Workout for beginners at home Female

Planks are good for abs exercise. You can do planks at home or in a garden.
Lay down on the floor. Put your hands-on floor and lift your body up. Your bodyweight should be on your hands and foot fingers. Now come down on your knees one by one. Then push yourself forward as easily as you can. Repeat it almost 20 times. Jumping jacks make you crazy and fun comes in your work. Most people like it because it is so easy to do and so joyful. To do jumping jack stand straight on the floor. Now jump and spread your legs as easily you can and up hands like birds lift their wings. Now come in starting position by jumping. Enjoy it and burn your calories. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times.

Through these exercises, you can lose your weight and can give a beautiful shape to your body. Do it regularly. It is perfect for health.

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