Flex your arms and flaunt those biceps. Men! this blog post is just for you. Fitness has become a trend and more people are opting for healthier options with each passing day. If you are one of them or if you’re a fitness freak and want the perfect and most attractive arms to make everyone go gaga over them… Keep reading 😉

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While looking good and ripe does grab the attention of those around you, it has multiple benefits for your own self too. So let’s get those arms toughened up and get that blood pumping! Here it goes:

Equipment needed for workout to build strong muscles:

Here I will tell you about types of equipment that you really need for workout to build strong muscles. But before you go ahead “You promise me that you will give proper time to these and strick on it”. DO YOU? Yes? Ok, that’s great. Now come back to the topic. As it’s expensive to get new equipment for workout to get powerful muscles so, I suggest you to join the gym.

workouts to build strong muscles

Equipment you need for it is listed below:

  • Dip Stand
  • Chin up Machine
  • Resistance Band
  • Barbell
  • Dumbbell

1: DipStand

Dip stand is used to do dips. Dips just like pushing the body up and down using hands.

2: Chin-up machine

Chin-up machine is used to do chin-ups. It’s just a machine where you can do it easily. You can use a stand for it if you want to do by yourself at home or at any park.

3: Resistance Band

Resistance band is just a big elastic band that we pull using hands. It is a good and less expensive way to get toned muscles.

4: Barbell

Barbell is like a big rod on which we put heavy wheels for weight lifting. This is the best thing I ever have seen for building arm muscles.

5: Dumbbell

Dumbbell is a small rod with some weight that we use for exercise. It is really useful to build arm muscles.

6: Preacher curl bench

So there are all the things that we need in the whole process of Top 10 arm workouts to build strong muscles (Man). These exercises will make you gorgeous and will give you a handsome look. So don’t just wait for it. Don’t be worried “If you can dream it you can do it” (Walt Disney).

Now we are going to start our exercise.

1: Dips, One of Top 10 Arm workouts to build strong muscles (Man)

Dip is an exercise that is really helpful for you to make your muscles powerful. You just need a dip stand or two iron stands that should be high enough that, when you try to do dips your knees shouldn’t touch ground.

exercise to grow powerful muscles


  1. Put your hands on a rod and jump high enough that you feel weight on your hands.
  2. Your arms should be straight and now bend your legs through knees.
  3. Now try to come down enough that your shoulders come equal to your elbow.
  4. Now try to go back in starting position and straighten your arms.

Sets schedule:
Beginners: 3 to 10
Regular: 4 to 13

2: Chin-up best exercise to build powerful muscles

Chin-up exercise is an effective workout for good arm muscles. This exercise totally works using hands that’s why most trainers prefer chin-up for strong muscles. For this purpose, you just need a chin-up machine or a heightened enough iron stand on which your feet couldn’t touch the ground.


  1. Hold the rod strongly.
  2. Try to lift your body up using hands.
  3. Go up enough that your elbow bend completely.
  4. Now come’s back and straighten your arms.

Sets schedule:
Beginners: 3 to 8
Regular: 4 to 12

3: Standing resistance band hammer curl exercise to make muscles stronger

Standing resistance band needs a resistance band only. This also works with hands and make muscles stronger. This is one of the best muscles exercises. So don’t wait for any other exercise go for it.


  1. Take a big resistance band and put it under your feet.
  2. Hold the other side of the band in your hands.
  3. Now stretch band upward and then take your hands in starting position

Sets Schedule:
Beginners: 6 to 15
Regular: 10 to 20

4: Barbell Curl a good workout to build strong muscles

Barbell curl definitely need barbells. Barbells are, as we mention in start, piece of small rod having. weight on both sides. This is used to lift weight using hands to grow strong and powerful muscles. By this exercise, you can get good toned muscles in small time.

workout to build strong muscles


  1. Take a barbell in hands.
  2. Hold it strongly, move your hands up to chin.
  3. Now up your hands over the head.
  4. Take your hands back to chin.
  5. Now again up the hands over the head.
  6. Repeat it 3 to 5 times.
  7. Now put it back.

Sets Schedule:
Beginners: 3 to 5
Regular: 5 to 10

5: One-arm dumbbell preacher curl workout to build strong muscles

Set up a preacher curl bench making sure that the seat is set at the right height for you. The seat shouldn’t be so low that you need to raise your shoulders, or so high that you need to lean over the support pad.

Exercise session that can make strapping thew


  1. Rest your arm on the support pad with your triceps near the top and your elbow midway down the support pad.
  2. Now grip the dumbbell with an underhand grip at shoulder width.
  3. Now curl the dumbbell in towards your chin and upper chest.
  4. Try holding for a count of one while squeezing your biceps.
  5. Lower the dumbbell to get your arms back to the starting position.

Sets Schedule:
Beginners: 3 to 8
Regular: 5 to 15

6:Standing Dumbell Curl exercise to grow strapping thew

Deadline dumbbell curl needs pare of dumbbell. It makes your arm muscles perfect. It really works if you want toned muscles. Just take a deep breath, hold dumbbells in hand and get start your exercise.

workout to build strong muscles


  1. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your feet as wide apart as your hips.
  2. Let your arms hang down at your sides with your palms forward.
  3. Pulling your abdominals in, stand tall, and keep your knees slightly bent.
  4. Now curl both arms upward until they’re in front of your shoulders.
  5. Slowly lower the dumbbells back down.

Sets Schedule:
Beginners: 3 to 8
Regular: 5 to 15

7:Zottman Curl, one of top 10 workout to build strong muscles

Zottman Curl is also a good and effective exercise for workout to build strong muscles of arm (Man). It also increase your grip strength and increase your chest muscles too.


  1. Hold a pair of dumbbells by your sides with your palms facing.
  2. Curl the weights up to your shoulders, keeping your upper arms still and turning your
    hands so that your palms face up as you lift.
  3. Pause at the top of the movement and slowly rotate your grip so your palms are facing downwards.
  4. Now lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting position using this overhand grip, while counting for three to five beats as you lower the weight to make sure you’re not moving it too quickly.
  5. When the dumbbells are close to your thighs, turn your hands so your palms are in the starting position facing one another.

Sets Schedule:
Beginners: 3 to 8
Regular: 5 to 15

So these are all for you. I assure you that if you work daily on it you will get awesome results. If you want to know about more fitness hacks don’t think about it. Save your time and go here “6 amazing fitness hacks” for it Have a good