“What to eat before a workout?” is perhaps the first question that pops up in your mind before you head to the gym. Our body and metabolism works in simple yet amazing ways. What you consume before and after a workout determines the outcome of all that sweaty effort. So, should you eat before and after a workout? Yes, you should!

Perhaps by now, you are all familiar with the term “Pre-workout supplements”. Wondering what to eat before and after a workout? Sit back and relax because this post has got it all covered. Are there any eating tips to lose weight in this blog post? Keep reading to see for yourself 😉 

Here are some amazing tricks and weight loss hacks to do before hitting the gym!

What to gulp down before the gym?

What to eat before workout

You can eat various things before working out. Working out is itself a very hectic and tiring activity, so you must try to eat supplements that boost your endurance and capability to work.

  1. · First and foremost, the major energy booster, BANANAS.
  2. Second, comes the Apple (Not the Steve Job’s one, please, you will choke on that)
  3. · Fruit Smoothies. Easily digestible.
  4. · Rice, whether its rice cake or chicken rice
  5. · Oats
  6. And other protein supplements. The Granola bar is also good if easily accessible.

Eating tips to lose weight.

You can actually eat to lose weight. Boom!!! This one for the food lovers. You can eat as much as you like and still be in your shape. The list of the delicacies which you can consume without worrying about your weight is given below:

  1. · Bananas
  2. · Avocados
  3. · Berries
  4. · Yogurt
  5. · Rice bran
  6. · Barleys
  7. · Oatmeals

You can also eat other foods and stuff which includes soluble fibers. But remember one thing, try to keep alcohol out of your reach. That you should, (rather you must avoid at all costs)

Weight loss tips:

For losing those excessive belly fats hanging out of your body,

what to gulp down earlier than exercise

I am going to share some tips to lose your weight easily. This one also refers to the question that “How can I burn my body fat” or worse to specify “How can I burn my belly fat”.


  • First rule: Drink. Whether it is coffee or green tea or water, just drink it.
  • Second: Try intermittent fasting. It can not only help you lose fats but it also actually plays a part in making you healthy.
  • Third: Try to eat less refined carbs.
  • Fourth: Do cut back on these monsters we call “Added sugars”. They practically make you look bulkier.
  • Instead of the usual junk snacks, try keeping healthy foods around you. They will add fire to that fat and fulfill your eating instinct too.
  • Go for working out and different exercises, even if they are just short sessions. Something is better than nothing.
  • Have a deep sleep. Your body repairs itself when you are sleeping. Give it adequate time to heal itself.

I hope the above article gives the answers to these frequently sought-out questions.

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Here’s hoping that you do succeed. If you need more info about healthy food and exercise, I have added some links below. Do check FIve food to lose weight, Girl’s fitness tips to remain healthy.